Flappy Bird Unblocked

Flappy Bird Unblocked

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Did the creator of flappy bird kill himself ?

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Millions were taken in by the addicting gameplay of Flappy Bird as it swept the gaming industry. When the game achieved outstanding success, Dong Nguyen, the game’s creator, disappeared from the public eye. According to rumours that spread like a fire, Nguyen committed suicide as a result of the extreme pressure.

In this article, we will explore the puzzling circumstances surrounding the suspected suicide of the man who invented Flappy Bird in an effort to learn the full story.

1. Rise to Fame and Sudden Departure

Flappy bird’s  spectacular journey to the top of the charts was accompanied by enormous fame and money. However, the great pressure and constant media attention forced him to pull the game from app stores and vanish from public view. 

2. Speculations About His Alleged Suicide

Following Nguyen’s disappearance, rumours and suspicions concerning his alleged suicide surfaced. The media frenzy grew as Flappy Bird’s popularity lasted, piqued the public’s interest in the facts behind his untimely conclusion.

3. The Truth Unveiled

Dong Nguyen did not commit suicide, contrary to popular assumption. In a rare interview, Nguyen explained that the rising pressure and the addictive nature of the game were the primary reasons for his decision to remove Flappy Bird from app stores.

4. Life After Flappy Bird

Despite the incident, Dong Nguyen continued his career in gaming, but with a reduced profile. To build a more balanced approach to his works, he focused on producing new games and learning from the Flappy Bird phenomenon.


Nguyen said the game’s addictive nature and the great pressure he felt were the key reasons for its removal.

No, contrary to popular belief, Dong Nguyen did not take his own life.

Nguyen continued to develop games and learn from his Flappy Bird experience, albeit with a lower public profile.


The story of the Flappy Bird creator’s alleged suicide has captivated the public’s attention, fueling countless speculations and rumors. However, the truth behind Dong Nguyen’s withdrawal from the gaming scene reveals a different narrative. The pressures of sudden fame and the addictive nature of his creation played a significant role in his decision. Understanding the reality allows us to appreciate the complexities of success and the impact it can have on individuals. Dong Nguyen’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of mental well-being and balance in the face of overwhelming achievements.

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